Kusanagi Sisters is a Japanese interdisciplinary art company co-founded by Lisa & JuJu Kusanagi. Their expertise contributes to a wide variety of roles including artistic directors, performance artists, and filmmakers. They leverage their multi-cultural upbringing to influence the creative elements in their highly conceptual projects. They are also known for their virtuosic physicality as performers. Both of their intermedia live performances and experimental films have won awards and been presented across the United States, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Austria, Portugal, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Albania, Kenya, Canada, Mexico, Cuba, Colombia, Chile, China, Taiwan R.O.C., Indonesia, and Australia; at venues including Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, AMC Theatres, Four Seasons Hotel, and JW Marriott Hotel Los Angeles as part of L.A. Live.

Yunuen Rhi uses We, ours pronouns. Yunuen Rhi is a two-spirit performance artist, anthropologist, martial art instructor and healer. Yunuen's roots are in Mexico, the United States, and Korea. Yunuen has cultivated ourselves in western, eastern, native medicine pathways and practices as a way to deepen the understanding of “selves.” Our performance work incorporates ritual and psychomagic elements. Our performance interests lie in social practice as a way to create effective bridges between performance and community needs in a de-colonial setting.

Our ongoing InBody performance collective activates Liminal Performance Space.
Fernanda is building a "house with many rooms" as a digital performance/installation space that is at once a studio for making things, a theater of memories, an instrument like a performance saxophone and a dream space that is nowhere and everywhere. The rooms are empty and black until they are occupied and set in motion by performers visiting it via SKYPE. Longtime friends and collaborators Fernanda D'Agostino (creative code for all the spaces, video edited, sound) Sophia Wright Emigh (sound and performance) and Jaleesa Johnston bring the spaces to life in this showcase. Additional sound by Guillermo Galindo, the Cornel Library of Ornithology, National Forest Service Archive of Field Recordings, and traditional musicians of Abruzzo Italy.
Working with projection installation and performance, In/Body (Feranda D’Agostino, Sophia Emigh, and Jaleesa Johnston) marries technology and live movement to explore the cyclical nature of simultaneously invoking and healing ancestral trauma through the body. Our integration of sound, projection installation and live performance taps into a liminal space that creates an immersive environment for the viewers and performers, making the journey of pain and healing visceral. The project of In/Body speaks to experimentation with performance and movement where the line between the stage and life is unclear, and where the rituals of movement and the body are privileged as sources of self-inquiry, knowledge and transformation.

ELa FaLa Collective (which means ‘She Speaks’) was established in 2018, the all female company is under the direction of Brazilian dancer-choreographer, Barbara Lima. ELa FaLa Collective seeks to create bridges between art, technology, culture, education and science, through a holistic vision of the world. The Collective’s goal is to highlight and bolster communication between these different communities of thought and discover the medicine of their interaction.

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