Mixed Media Installation with Interactive Video, 12’ x 14’ x 20’
Pool sets out to pair memory to place, drawing on the ancient mnemonic devices of the “Method of Loci.” A central image is choreographer, Linda Johnson, submerged underwater, looking directly back at the viewer as she contracts, glides, tumbles, and hovers in a watery amnion of blue. Interspersed are images of a full moon; a book that has caught fire; salmon swimming upstream; a burning house; botanical frescoes from the House of Livia ; and the words \"Ars Memoriae.\" The five channels of video combine and change in response to viewers presence and movement resulting in an open ended and shifting meaning. A viewer’s entry into the room initiates the program. Two motion sensors and two distance sensors select, mix and control four of the channels of video using custom software. The idea is to create an analogue for the idiosyncratic layering and juxtaposition that occurs in dreams, memories and stream of consciousness. Projection onto a seven foot in diameter aluminum pool creates an additional layer of depth. Viewers can get a different perspective on the installation from a five foot tall life guard chair. Pool investigates ancient ideas using 21st century technologies.

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