Resist For Anna Magnani was part of Shimmering Ecologies at the CETI Institute of Portland State University. In this age of climate collapse Resist looked at our enmeshmeshment with the rest of the living world from different perspectives. Biology and its processes were one focus but I also took a darker look at our position in the environment in this dual screen creative coded immersive installation. The initial inspiration for Resist came after I revisited Anna Magnani's performance in the "Death of Francesco" scene in "Rome; Open City" and I included several scenes that sampled her performance combined through coding with scenes of environmental devastation. I wanted to see if I could be as honest and unflinching in my confrontation with situation as she and director Rossellini had been. Resist was a sketch for a larger installation that is currently a work in progress. All the effects in the project were altered in real time by sound. In about half the scenes sound levels and pitch revealed glimpses of either the consequences of our actions, historical resistance or mass migration as a result of climate driven political crisis. All the effects in all the scenes were driven by sound.

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