Within the Caldera

Over twelve months spanning 2021-2022 video Artist and creative coder Fernanda D'Agostino and sonic artist Crystal Cortez collaborated to ask the question "what if the earth could speak to us now?" Movement artists Sophia Wright Emigh, Jaleesa Johnston, Linda K Johnson, Crystal Cortez and Min Yoon were asked to respond to the prompt:" if you could speak in earth's voice using only your body, what would you say?" Performances were filmed in advance and combined through creative coding with scientific imaging of biological and geological process by D'Agostino. Crystal Cortez performed a live score with sounds generated by recording electrical fields of plants growing "Within the Caldera" of Mt Tabor's extinct volcano. Video imagery projected on the caldera walls responded in real time to the music through the alchemy of creative coding.

© 2023 Fernanda D'Agostino