Che La Luna-Virtual Venice Biennale

Che La Luna-Virtual Venice Biennale-Commission by Portland art Museum and Northwest Film Center

During the Venice Film Festival this year the new media section was exhibited at 24 outposts around the world. The Portland Art Museum was the only site in the United States. The Mobile Projection Unit was commissioned to create a room size mapping project to enliven the VR environment with a major installation. Che La Luna expands on the themes introduced in Phases of the Moon to put visitors the Biennale immediately into an immersive environment of color, ritual, bodies and arcania. Although the installation was silent the sound here is by Guillermo Galindo. Performers appearing in the video are The Kusanagi Sisters; Juju and Lisa Kusanagi, Yunuen Rhi, Sophia Wright Emigh, and Jaleesa Johnston.

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