Sea Creatures-Astoria (Oregon) Visual Arts and Portland Art Museum

Video artists and Mobile Projection Unit Founders Fernanda D'Agostino and Sarah Turner bring their new piece "Sea Creatures" to the Portland Art Museum for the Portland Winter Light Festival. "Sea Creatures" was conceived as an investigation of the ocean's transformational power and its age old position in myth and cosmology in every culture. Each of the three video installations investigates a different mood or aspect of water and how it pervades our consciousness, our mythologies, and our rituals of health and healing. The work features digital performers Jaleesa Johnson, Sophia Emigh, Yaara Valey, Sahra Brahim, and Sarah Turner. D'Agostino's virtual performance space "Liminal Performance Space" captures work by the Kusanagi Sisters in Tokyo and Sparrow Dance in Astoria. Crystal Quartez performed a live musical score to the piece from the Museum's covered entryway.

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